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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Obama Stimulus Funded Guns for Mexican Drug Cartels

Spending bill gave $10 Million of taxpayers' dollars  to Mexican drug lords

When Rush Limbaugh said that he hoped our President would fail, we agreed wholeheartedly. Like Limbaugh, we continue to hope and pray for his failure because we believe his intentions are malevolent.  We believe it is Obama's purpose to divide, weaken and cause chaos and ruin in America and the world so that he might have a better chance of imposing his radical, Marxist agenda.  Could there be any clearer proof of this than the fact that $10 million in so called "stimulus" money was given to Mexican drug cartels for the purchase of guns that murdered an estimated 150 people?

Following U. S. Representative Allen West's call for the removal of Eric Holder for the gun-running to some of the world's wealthiest criminals, Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt has likened the matter to the Watergate scandal and said the crisis may "save the country from some of the damage that the Obama regime might have inflicted upon us."

Following is an interview with Larry Pratt on the Alex Jones Show.

The United States is in the grip of pure evil.  It is long past time for thorough Congressional investigations, prosecution, and a purging of a Marxist regime that now has the blood of murdered innocents on its hands.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama 'Defiance' of Constitution Earns Impeachment Call

'What use are elections if the executive branch rules by decree?'
An organization that battles illegal immigration on behalf of the 75 percent of America's legal citizens who want more control over illegal immigration is calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama over his involvement in two issues: the transfer under his administration's jurisdiction of weapons to Mexican drug lords and his efforts to provide amnesty to illegal aliens.

"President Obama is no longer the legitimate president of the United States," said William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, in calling for the action today.

"By arming drug and human smugglers with assault weapons that have been used to kill American and Mexican citizens and police forces, and by ordering amnesty for illegal aliens which has been rejected by both the Congress and the American public more than eight times, Obama has committed a form of treason against the United States and must be removed from office by Congress," he said.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pentagon to Senators: ‘All Your Constituencies Are Confronted by This Threat’ from Mexican Drug Cartels

A top Pentagon official told a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday that the tentacles of Mexico’s criminal organizations have reached well-beyond the southwest border into the interior of the U.S. homeland.

Monday, March 15, 2010

US Citizens Shot Dead by Mexican Drug Gangs

From the Financial Times
By Adam Thomson in Mexico City

Three people with links to the US consulate in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez were gunned down at the weekend by “drug cartel hit teams”, according to a US official.

A consulate employee and her husband, both US citizens, were murdered while driving in the violent border city, which neighbours El Paso, Texas. Their baby daughter, who was sitting in the back seat, survived the attack.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mexico: In Drug-Cartel Epicenter, Priest Continues Ministry

The Washington Post has published an article that focuses on one priest’s ministry in the Mexican state of Michoacan, “where all forms of traditional authority-- city hall, the military, police and even the Catholic Church-- have been unable to protect the people against the assassinations, kidnappings and extortions associated with the narcotics trade.”

The article begins:

Father Miguel López drives the parish pickup truck across the muddy river that separates two warring drug cartels. He follows the winding road through the dark green foothills of the Sierra Madre until he comes to a rusting archway where traffickers hung the severed head of his friend.

The Roman Catholic priest spends his days navigating this dangerous terrain, a world he describes as “fallen.” He prays with widows whose husbands disappeared in broad daylight, and gives Communion to the men who may have killed them. In the village where he grew up, at the end of this lonely road, his lifelong neighbors were too afraid to unbolt their doors when they heard screams for help in the middle of the night -- when an entire family, including four children, was kidnapped in June amid a clash between rival gangsters.

“The fear is one that we all share,” López said, steering his gray truck through hills that conceal a vast network of marijuana farms and methamphetamine labs. “Sometimes I can't sleep at night. But these are the times when you have to define who you are. To do anything less is to be an accomplice.”

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