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Monday, April 6, 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron's Easter Message

Here's a message Americans are unlikely to hear from their President, at least as long as that office is held by an Islamo-Marxist enemy agent.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Daniel Hannan MEP: Cameron’s Coming EU Renegotiation Will Alter Nothing

If David Cameron wins the next election, he will secure 100 per cent of his negotiating objectives vis-à-vis the EU. How can I be sure? Because those negotiating objectives have been drawn up in such a way as to make their acceptance certain.

I can think of no other issue where there is such a disconnect between what politicians have said on the record and what reporters and columnists suppose them to have said. David Cameron set out his seven conditions for remaining in the EU in this article last year. Later that day, Nick Clegg popped up to declare that he wholeheartedly endorsed them: after all, said Cleggie, they wouldn’t require a new treaty, so nothing fundamental would change. The following day, Ken Clarke gave his approval on the same grounds.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Britain Calls for Russia to be Expelled from G8

Russian military personnel surround a Ukrainian military base in Perevalnoe in Crimea Photo: GETTY

The beauty of the Anglosphere, and the organic unity built on a common faith, language, law, culture and history, is that even when right reason and leadership are lacking among one of the "fraternal association" (the Golfer-In-Chief has played 163 rounds of golf), other national leaders will lead and defend the patrimony.  Today, the British Prime Minister has called for Russia to be permanently expelled from the G8 club of wealthy nations if it continues to meddle in Ukraine.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

David Cameron's Address to the Conservative Party Conference 2013

This week in Manchester we’ve shown this Party is on the side of hardworking people.

Helping young people buy their own home. 

Getting the long-term unemployed back to work. 

Freezing fuel duty.
Backing marriage. 

Cutting the deficit.

Creating jobs.

Creating wealth.

Make no mistake: it is this Party with the verve, energy and ideas to take our country forward…

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cameron Calls Britain's Relationship with the EU "Unacceptable"

"Britons never will be slaves," but does David Cameron have the moral strength and vision to be a great liberator? 


It is amazing what a thrashing by the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) in recent by-elections has done to clear David Cameron's thinking on the question of whether Britain will continue to subjugate herself to tyrannical and unelected European bureaucrats.  The Prime Minister has called the status quo "unacceptable" and is committed to an in/out referendum on EU membership before the end of 2017.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scottish Bishop Rebukes David Cameron

Bishop Joseph Devine
The Conservative government of Prime Minister David Cameron has given wonderful statements lamenting the decline of a Christian ethos in Great Britain while simultaneously betraying Middle England, or what in America we would call his "base," by pushing the legalization of same-sex "marriage." Indeed, were David Cameron an American politician, the Republican Establishment would nominate him for the Presidency.

The Right Reverend Joseph Devine, Bishop of Motherwell in Scotland, finally had enough of the deceit, secularist agenda, and treason. In probably one of the strongest rebukes a modern churchman has ever rendered unto Caesar, Bishop Devine sent the letter linked below to the Prime Minister.

We can only say, in awe and admiration, that we wish that there was one like this valiant Scot among the approximately 300 effete, spineless, hand-wringers that comprise the American episcopacy. 

Bishop Devine's letter is here.

Caution: May cause shortness of breath and palpitations in Pax Christi members and National Catholic Reporter subscribers.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Argentina Once Again Provoking War Over the Falkland Islands

Is President Cristina Kirchner Counting on Marxist Friends in the Hemisphere?

The corrupt socialists that head the government of Argentina must once again be facing domestic political problems. It has become routine for precarious regimes in that dysfunctional country to rally public support by provoking their neighbors and international crises.

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner is an Obama kind of gal. A former member of the Peronist Youth Movement, Ms. Kirchner has allied herself with Hugo Chavez, restricted the activities and movement of the U.S. ambassador, imposed confiscatory taxes and levies, attacked farmers for their "abundant" profits, and in 2008 proposed the transfer of $30 billion in private pension holdings to the government run social security system. Meanwhile, the net assets of Ms. Kirchner and her late husband increased by 572% since the couple came to power in 2003.

She has allied the country with Venezuela, and has what her government has termed a strategic relationship with communist China. She has hostile relations with Brazil, and this year seized an American military plane.

The Kirchner government is no friend of free speech either. Unions, allied with the government, have prevented the nation's most widely circulated newspapers from being delivered to newsstands.  This week the Argentine government has seized control of newsprint.

The Kirchner regime is now disrupting shipping to and from the Falkland Islands and threatening to cut communications links to those islands.

In response, Prime Minister David Cameron today assured the Falkland Islanders that their right to self-determination is guaranteed:
''Whatever challenges we face in the UK, the British Government's commitment to the security and prosperity of the overseas territories, including the Falklands, remains undiminished.

''So let me be absolutely clear. We will always maintain our commitment to you on any question of sovereignty. Your right to self-determination is the cornerstone of our policy. 

''We will never negotiate on the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands unless you, the Falkland Islanders, so wish. No democracy could ever do otherwise.''
Perhaps Ms. Kirchner feels emboldened because the current American President is contemptuous of America's long-standing special relationship with Great Britain and is likely to side with a fellow Marxist.  It would seem that if Argentina is going to once again seize British territory, it will do so soon, rather than when Obama is gone.  Perhaps an effort to reclaim the Falklands will have to wait until there is an administration in Washington that is friendly with our traditional allies and the cause of freedom and self-determination in the world.  But whenever this matter comes to a head, if Britain must once again liberate the Falkland Islanders, she  should ensure that Argentina pays a memorable price for their outrageous and criminal behavior. 

The lives of thousands of British troops should not be put in danger without lasting regime change in Argentina, reparations, British controlled naval ports, and a military presence on the Argentine mainland until a lawful government is established.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

David Cameron: UK is a Christian Nation

Prime Minister David Cameron has delivered an important speech commemorating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible in which he declares the UK is a Christian nation:

It’s great to be here and to have this opportunity to come together today to mark the end of this very special 400th anniversary year for the King James Bible.

I know there are some who will question why I am giving this speech.
And if they happen to know that I’m setting out my views today in a former home of the current Archbishop of Canterbury…
…and in front of many great theologians and church leaders…
…they really will think I have entered the lions’ den.
But I am proud to stand here and celebrate the achievements of the King James Bible.
Not as some great Christian on a mission to convert the world.
But because, as Prime Minister, it is right to recognise the impact of a translation that is, I believe, one of this country’s greatest achievements.
The Bible is a book that has not just shaped our country, but shaped the world.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

British Prime Minister David Cameron Addresses Canadian Parliament, Reflects on World Economic Crisis

Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the Canadian Parliament on September 22.  He delivered one of the most thoughtful and eloquent reflections on the world economic crisis that we have heard.  This is what a world leader should sound like, and it will be reassuring when -- as in the days of Reagan, Thatcher and Mulroney -- conservative leaders of the United States, Great Britain and Canada are once again working together to solve the world's problems and securing peace and freedom.  Hat tip to Piddingworth.