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Monday, March 23, 2015

Canadian-Born Ted Cruz to Announce Presidential Candidacy Today

It is reported that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) will announce his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination today.

The Texas TEA Party favorite espouses many positions, particularly with regard to border security and education with which we agree, but we strongly believe that a mere two years of elective office experience as the junior Senator from Texas is woefully inadequate preparation for assuming the most powerful position in the world.  There is a good reason that Governors have long been favored for the presidency; they have had executive experience running the machinery of state government, working with the legislative branch and carrying out the varied responsibilities of a chief state officer, a leader.  Even Barack Hussein Obama had a bit more elective experience than the brash Cruz brings to the table.

As the Canadian born son of a foreign-born father and an American mother, who until recent years retained dual US and Canadian citizenship, there are also questions about his eligibility as a natural-born US citizen, as required by the United States Constitution.  Have we not had enough controversy of that sort from the current regime?

Cruz, who presents himself as an anti-establishment outsider, is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School and is married to a Goldman-Sachs Vice President and member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  

That he will be able to excite some of the base with bombast and red meat rhetoric there is no doubt, but we believe he will be an incendiary and divisive candidate unable to unite the Republican Party, much less the nation, which so desperately needs unity, calm and a return to our Constitutional roots.

Senator Ted Cruz intends to declare on Monday that he will run for president in 2016, making him the first major hopeful to formally enter the race, an aide to Mr. Cruz said.

Mr. Cruz, Republican of Texas, will make his announcement at Liberty University in Virginia, where he is expected to be a speaker at a convocation ceremony. His intention to declare his candidacy was first reported by The Houston Chronicle and an aide to Mr. Cruz, who requested anonymity, confirmed the report on Sunday.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Senator Ted Cruz Questions FBI Director Comey on IRS "Investigation"

In Bill Connor, South Carolina could have a Senator with this kind of intelligence, integrity and fierceness in defending the right and the U.S. Constitution.  Or will we again allow Democrats and other low-information voters to continue in place John McCain's treasonous manservant, Lindsey Graham?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fix Bayonets!

By Patrick J. Buchanan

After his narrow defeat by Gerald Ford at the Kansas City convention in 1976, Ronald Reagan was seen as a has-been.

Came the Carter-Torrijos treaties of 1977, however, which gave away the Panama Canal, and the old cowboy strapped on his guns:

“We bought it. We paid for it. It’s ours. And we’re gonna keep it.”

America loved it. Bill Buckley said we must recognize reality and transfer the canal. GOP Senate leader Howard Baker was the toast of the city as he led 16 Republicans to vote with Jimmy Carter. The treaties were approved.

Reagan’s consolation prize? The presidency of the United States. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How Conservatives Can Replace Sen. Lindsey Graham, Use the Ted Cruz Model

From The Greenville Post
By Joshua Cook

The Ted Cruz ModelTed Cruz’s election was probably the biggest and most surprising victory of the 2012 campaign cycle.  Before the election, the now national Republican star was a virtually unknown name on a national scale. He ran against Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in the primary for the seat of a retiring Republican senator, and spent the first part of his campaign running from out of state.  Cruz’s accomplishment was remarkable and has left people in other states wondering how they can put similarly principled and outspoken conservatives into office.